Michael L. Raulin

Youngstown State University Psychology Department

Basics of Blackboard

Blackboard is an online course organizational program that permits easy and convenient communication between students and instructors. This course will be on Blackboard, and all students are required to enroll for the course on Blackboard (in addition to registering for the course with the university).

Blackboard Services

I will be using Blackboard to:

Note that most information posted on the Blackboard websites will be in pdf format, which can be read with the Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free from Adobe.com.

Enrolling for the Course

To enroll in this course on Blackboard:

  1. Log into MyYSU using your YSU username and password
  2. Select Blackboard Learn 9 under eServices for Students (first column)
  3. Click the appropriate semester under Course Catalog
  4. Find my courses by searching for Raulin
    1. Type Raulin into the yellow box
    2. Click Go below the yellow box
    3. This should give you a list of my current Blackboard courses
  5. You enroll by clicking on the double arrow pointing down next to the course ID number. Click on the arrows and then click enroll.

Familiarizing Yourself with Blackboard

If you have used Blackboard with other courses, you are likely familiar with the structure of Blackboard courses. You will just need to do a quick tour. If you are not familiar with Blackboard, you might want to click on the Blackboard Help in the menu on the left hand side of the screen.